Display different opengl render string in same linux server and same user

I use two different way display my server, one is using mobaxterm and ssh connect to it, the other is using VMware to display the desktop, but I aware that two places using different opengl render as well as different opengl version(as the picture below), which let me can’t open my omniverse isaac-sim well, do someone have any idea with this issue? Thanks.

When running on vmware, the primary graphics will be the virtual one, running the Xserver. This will only provide software rendering through mesa/llvm. To run isaac, you need to run an Xserver on the nvidia gpu as primary and then connect to it using e.g. x11vnc.

so I can’t use VMware as my remote software?

At least not in the standard setup. What might be working is switching the DE to wayland and then use XWayland with render offload on the nvidia gpu.

In general, by “vmware”, what are you exactly talking of? A VM with passed-through nvidia gpus, a vgpu setup or something completely different?

I just using an app call VMware Horizon, sorry for letting you confuse.

And what is the server running?

my X server information is show in below

and I’m using VMware horizon to transport the linux desktop image from my server to my windows computer in order to use omniverse.
So I have to install x11vnc and the vnc viewer to replace VMware horizon to solve this render problem?

I was rather asking how the server is set up, is it a bare-metal install or a VM on vmware esxi/vsphere?i

It a bare-metal installed. with four nvidia gpu.

Ok, I guess the Horizon+Wayland+Xwayland approach won’t work then since it’s only using virtual graphics and doesn’t support Wayland.
Wanting Horizon, you’ll then have to setup and use VirtualGL to make use of the nvidia gpus for cuda/GL interop.
If one user only, you can also use the x11vnc approach, setting up an Xserver on the nvidia gpus.

ok!thanks for your reply, i’ll try it to setup a VirtualGL first, if you have any document or setup step please provide, and that helps me alot. Have a nice day^^.

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