Best 3D format to use in Create using Fusion 360 ? USD, FBX, ...?

Hello, what is the best format to use in Create ? I’m mostly using Fusion 360 for my models, thanks

I think it’s USD.

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Thanks !

Hello @HansVanEven! Allow me to explain why USD is the preferred format for Omniverse…

While Omniverse currently supports OBJ, FBX, and glTF formats, these formats are not easily transferrable between applications without a great deal of effort.

USD, or Universal Screen Description, was invented by Pixar as a format for three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics scene descriptions. USD files contain data about 3D graphic elements such as scene layout and the geometry and material appearance of models, animations, and virtual cameras. In the Omniverse ecosystem, USD allows you to seamlessly interchange assets between the applications found within Omniverse.

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Thanks again Wendy for your answer, that sounds perfect :)