Problem with importing MetaHumans

Hello, I’m trying to import MetaHuman from Unreal Engine v4.26.2 to the Omniverse Create v.2021.1.1 using the Omniverse plugin. But it doesn’t import well. I’m missing some of the body parts like hair, eyes, eyebrows etc. Please see the screenshot below:

Please let me know which setting should I select in the Omniverse Plugin or elsewhere so that to be able to import the MetaHuman properly?

Thanks for trying out the Unreal Connector with Omniverse Create. There are a couple problems that you’re running into:

  • For the hair, eyebrows, mustache, etc - in Unreal these are Groom Assets. If you enable NVIDIA Omniverse Groom plugin the Groom Assets will be exported as USD Basis Curves, but unfortunately Create doesn’t yet render Basis Curves. We’re working on supporting them in the future. USDView should render the BasisCurves in case you want to test the export.

  • For the eyes - In Unreal an occlusion mesh is placed in front of the eye balls to make a nice effect, but when we export that material (M_Eye_Occlusion_Inst), we fail to make it transparent and you see a red, white, or black material (depending on which HLSL export bug we’ve fixed in the release).

    You can work around this in Create by hiding the Section 5 mesh from the Face meshes:


Thanks @LouRohan. Well, I will be waiting for you to fix the problem with the “grooms” then. Cause these metahumans don’t look good without it :) What is the ETA for that fix?

Pavel, I honestly can’t say when we’re releasing BasisCurve support in Create, but I know there’s ongoing work. I thought I’d paste an image of the BasisCurves from USD View (as I mentioned earlier). Also, note that we’re not exporting any proper color/material on the BasisCurves yet from Unreal.

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I just wonder if it might be easier/faster to make a plugin for UE4 instead, which would allow us to use the functionality of Audio2Face in UE4?

@pavel.kulko We finally added the ability to import A2F facial animation controls into Unreal. See the 103.1 release notes.

Also, we fixed the eye occlusion material export in 103.2 so now it will no longer be white or red when opened in Create.