How do I make an Omni PBR look semi-transparent

I am about to release my Marbles Creator extension, but then I realized the marbles do not look semi-transparent like real marbles.

If I take one of the VMaterials - Other - Red Jelly Clear Dark, or any of the Clear Jelly’s, the marbles look better:

The marble on the left was created using an Omni PBR with an image of the same Red Jelly Material applied, but the sphere on the right is a little see through as you can see the cube behind comes through as a shadow.

I admit I couldn’t figure out the Opacity setting on Omni PBR, so probably something needs to be set there, but not sure what?

Any tips on how to make an Omni PBR using an image texture look closer to the Jelly Clear materials? How were those clear jelly materials made is another question if anyone knows.

Thanks for any tips.

OmniPBR only have opacity parameter to play around which is not physically correct material for the glass marbles. The material you can use is OmniGlass with IOR 1.5 for glass, if need translucent set the roughness to something in the value of around 0.25.

Thank you for the reply. That does make it translucent.


Is there anyway to create something like this?


@DataJuggler ,

Quite possible especially if you use Iray because the caustic is better but even the other are quite decent. Did a simple one using assets from Nvidia. Screenshot below together with file for reference.
Marble_Sample001.usd (56.8 KB)

Can get quite decent output in rtx-realtime with some camera tricks and good lighting setup too fyi.

I didn’t know about the Marble asset. Thank you, I will look at this after dinner.