All lights turned off in scene but it doesn't go dark

Is there some kind of a default light that is causing my scene to light up like this? Why is it not black if all my lights are off?

First of all there must have some kind of a lighting window/panel like Houdini has, V-ray has, and pretty much every 3D software has. Pretty basic function missing in Omniverse Create.

If I search for light in the stage it seems to work but this is a very ineffective way to light scenes, hunting down lights in USDs. I’m sure my scene could use some major cleanup as a rough draft, but organizing in the Stage is very difficult - theres no way to search by type - example - If I want to select all my lights and turn them all off, it should be as easy as a click of a button. Then I can turn them on one by one to see what is affecting what.


Ok well I found it in the Ray Tracing settings - just opened up a new scene deleted the main default light and it was still lit up so I found the Ambient Light Intensity setting under indirect lighting. That seems to do the trick. Ambient lighting should probably be off by default or set way lower unless this is true GI.

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Hi Garrett, Looks like you found it. In Create, the “Real Time” mode has the ambient light on by default. You can turn that to 0 and it will turn off. There’s a few other settings you might want to try such as turning on the indirect diffuse GI in that section, and above in the reflections section, increasing the max roughness. Several of those settings in Real Time mode have been set to optimize for speed, and depending on your graphics card you can likely handle a lot more.

Alternatively, if you switch to Path Tracing, you’ll get different render settings and the default there is to not have any ambient light. Path Tracing mode renders with higher quality but that comes with a bit more of a performance hit as you can guess.

Let me know if you bump into any other rough edges,