How to increace overall GI brightness?

What is the setting to change to make GI lights overall more bright in my scene?

Still waiting for this answer :)
I mean the intensity / brightness of GI bounces in Path Traced rendering.

I git it made through other settings: camera ISO and f-stop, and overall lights. But still I would like to know if there is this kind of setting in Path Traced renderer.

Hello @pekka.varis! Great question! I am looking your issue. I only see GI discussed in a few places in our documentation, but it doesn’t discuss how to make adjustments to the overall brightness.

It looks like it’s just an on/off switch and you make adjustments to the other settings to brighten it? Let me get a developer in to help me out.

Documentation for reference:

Thanks Wendy! I am totally fine with adjusting settings from elsewhere - maybe this is some fundamental feature, you know RTime and PTraced and Iray looks all realistic and things work the magic Omniverse way, if this is just an on/off switch :P

Hi pekka, great scene!

There are a few ways to inject more GI brightness into your scene, depending on the render mode, without reverting to the post-processing settings. In RT mode, you can enable Indirect Diffuse Lighting and increase the Intensity value. In PT mode, one way is to increase Max Bounces, enabling Caching (under Sampling & Caching) may help too.

I tried to increace Max Bounces but it´s not helping… Maybe there just is no setting to that in Path Traced.

Hey @pekka.varis. Are you using version 2020.3? The development team mentioned that there should be a setting for this in that version. I will ping them again for help.

Hi pekka,

if I understand correctly, it looks like you want to see the same brightness from RT mode in PT mode. RT mode is brighter overall if it’s using ambient lighting (which is a non-physically based way to increase brightness).

In PT mode, we’re bound by the laws of physics as path traced lighting is physically based, so the correct way to increase brightness is to actually make the light source (in this case the dome light) brighter. In other words, PT doesn’t have a way to artificially boost just the GI part of the lighting, because that wouldn’t be physically correct.

You can in fact match the overall PT lighting quite closely in RT mode, by setting Ambient Lighting to 0.0 and enabling Indirect Diffuse GI. I hope that helps.


Thanks. That´s cool.
I use machinima 2021.1.2 with this animation work and I wait for the next update :P - I have seen it is there from Dane´s twitch…

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