RTX-RayTraced Global Illumination does not look correct

Hi there, please watch the video. Omniverse rtx global illumination problem - YouTube
Scene I am using you can find here WeTransfer


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Thanks Dawid! I think you’ve found a good bug, I’ve been playing with various settings & have found a bunch of odd things going on.

Can you let me know where you got the model & lights? Looks like an import from Maya?

In the mean time, here are some workarounds that I’ve found:

  • the focal length of the camera is causing it to do some very weird stuff, so a focal length of 24 is much closer to normal than one of 100
  • the indirect GI intensity you can lower to control the bug for now
  • path tracing IS rendering correctly, so that would be the mode I’d recommend using for this scene

Hey TJ,
The model and lights are coming from Maya. I brought the model in, did the test lighting in Arnold (since Arnold lights are supported) and sent this simple scene to omniverse to have direct comparison in path tracing mode.

I believe I set the camera in Omniverse, I do not remember exactly, I know that I’ve using this scene to test omniverse for a while.

In my case, path tracer is always way to go, no compromises ;).


I verified and am seeing what you are seeing. Something to do with that scene and wasnt able to find it yet.

However, making the scene in Create from scratch, it seems to match a lot better. RT wont match PT 1 to 1, but its a good approximation.

Hey @fdelise
Thank you for your reply. I will try to recreate the scene the way I did it for the first time, using Maya Bridge and Arnold lights. I understand it won’t be 1:1 but an approximation :).



Just to confirm that we have found the source of the issue and it will be fixed in a future release. It was a bug.

RT GI will be much closer to the PT version, although this wouldn’t be the last time it sees improvements - we have other things improving the quality further a little bit down the line.

Thanks a lot for the report!


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Lovely, great to hear you guys caught that nasty bug :)

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