How do you get rid of a light's shadow?

This scene only has a Ground Plane and a Rectangle Light above the plane of about the same size, and a sky.

I turned Specular Modifier down to 0 to get rid of the glare. If I leave Specular at 1, the glare looks like this:

The light isn’t visible in primary rays, so I am not sure where the dark spot comes from in the top picture.

If I hide the rectangle light, the dark spot goes away, so it must be a shadow? Lights do not have the Rendering - Do Not Cast Shadows, so I can’t figure out how to get rid of the dark spot other than get rid of the light.

Thank you

I think I solved it just by clicking buttons, not knowing what I am doing, I found if I click Projector Type, it goes away.

What does Projector Type do? (other than solve my problem).


Hi DataJuggler,
Although I understand your situation, my advice would be not to light a scene in this way. You are essentially creating a fully diffuse soft light over your entire scene, but that would be best achieved through a Dome Light, or a very soft diffuse hdri background or sky system. There is not much advantage to covering your entire scene with one giant light. A dome light was designed for this exact purpose. To apply even soft non specific lighting to your whole scene without worrying about self shadowing.