Feature Request: Allow Setting the Startup Scene

Recently you changed the startup, and I like the Viewport filling, but I don’t care for the new plane and the Environment Sky colors are hard for me to see.

Could you make an option that if you create a scene the way you like it, somewhere there is a ‘Make This Default’ scene.

My steps for a new scene now is delete existing plane and change the colors of the default light and sky. I usually add Physics Scene and Groundplane, so that would be nice features if there was a way.

Perhaps others will find this useful.


It already exist, in the Preferences.

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Hello @DataJuggler! @daryl.dunlap.ohio is correct. Here is a link to the documentation in case it helps: Preferences Panel — Omniverse Create documentation

I had figured out I could just save a ‘Default Scene’ and open it.

Did you happen to see my comment on another post? The one about run Omniverse in a browser. Your link didn’t work.