What is the difference between Texture Scale and Texture Detail Scale?

Today in Discord chat, I was told you could animate a texture scale.

I selected my “water” (a cube) and went to various key frames, and hitting Alt S didn’t seem to apply. I kept going back to different frames and nothing “stuck”, with or without Auto selected.

I found by adjusting the rotate, water looked to have a little movement, so I would like to animate this if possible.

I can’t get any animation with Scale or Rotate on the material, maybe I am doing something wrong?

Is it a bug and just doesn’t work yet?

There’s a detail normal map under the normal section of your material. The detail texture options under the UV section controls this.
To animate material slots, you have to right click on the property to animate and select set key. Then move the time slider and add the next key, etc. Here’s an example.

animated_material.usd (4.6 KB)

Thank you.

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