Solidworks Imported Models Textures

Guys, Why material textures are not applied when assigning materials to different body types? In the picture above, the textured blocks where created by right click > Create > Mesh > Cube.

The other 2, one of them was imported from Solid Works, and the other one was created with right click > Create > Shape > Cube.

As you can see the Sape and the Solidworks Import do not have any texture for some reason. Does anyone knows how to fix it? USD Composer

Yes that is just because your texture scale is way way tiny. Notice how all the cubes are the same color. That is because the apparent “blank” cubes are displaying a texture 1/100 scale or probably smaller. If you were to zoom in you would see it !! It could also be the opposite, and the scale is 1000 times bigger, so you are literally looking at 1 pixel of the texture. This is a common issue where you have not set your texture scale on your step files well, before export. To fix this you can either go to the material and down to the texture scaling and make it much much bigger (or smaller) or you can apply a good UV mapping to the cubes. When we make a new cube inside the program, we set the texture scale well.

Hi Richard.

I tried yesterday to change the texture scale in increments of 10, 100, and thousands, and it did not show any changes. I did it both ways—incremental and decremental. Is there a chance that it could be something else? One of the blocks was created in USD directly and is behaving the same way as the STEP file.

Can you send me the scene, so I can take a look ?


A colleague just showed me that I was using an outdated version of the USD composer. I updated the version, and all new projects do not present this issue. Thank you!

Oh good. Yes that would do it. But then my question for this is, why did you not see the green update bell in the Launcher ? Or you did but ignored it ?

Hi Richard! I did not remember to have seen the update reminder, to be honest. There is a chance that I missed it.

Watch for the green bell