Extremely big UV texture coordinates?

When I import a USD created in Revit to Omniverse Create, the texture coordinates of the objects are extremely large and to be able to see a material well I have to set the texture scale to 0.000001.

Hello @cromon! Thank you for reporting this. I will have the developers look into this issue.

Thank you Wendy.
I think is in the conector side bacause i open also the USD created in Revit in 3D Max and the same thing.

Any progress on this??

Windows 11
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti
Revit 2020
Revit Omniverse connector 201.1.2338

Export Sample Revit sceneExport as prop
Exporter Log:
RevitLog_b99006c2-1f28-448a-be86-6e1e44d03d01.log (3.2 MB)