Revit 202x Japanese UI version can't export USD data and Material


Since last December, I’d been wondering why I couldn’t get Revit data into Omniverse.
Send to View, Publish Project and Export as Prop, all of these commands fails.
I only get project folder structure, 2KB USD file, that’s all. Nothing is exported from Revit.

But I found that if I switch Revit language mode to EN, it workd.

Is there any plan to support multi-byte language in Connectors?


I’m investigating this too.
I think the focus will be on whether USD supports UTF-8 Prim name.

From what I’ve checked, it looks like the UTF-8 Prim name specification is not working with USD 21.05.
It may need some preprocessing, but I don’t know about it.

There is a report that has been resolved below, but …

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We are actively working on supporting UTF-8 prim names properly. We will have fixes for this coming out. I don’t have an exact date yet but it’s a piece of our development work.



Thanks for sharing your findings!
I’ll wait for the fix from NVIDIA (hope they will integrate the original fix).

Thanks Brian!
Looking forward to see the fix in the new update!

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