Access BIM data using "BIM Explorer"

Hi there,

I used the Revit connector to export my Revit model which contains BIM information which i want to view in Omniverse.

The following timestamp has a “BIM Explorer” extension next to the properties tab. Where can i access this from or how do i enable this extension to view the BIM data that is attached to the Revit model that i converted to USD through the connector?


@nizra i don’t believe this extension was made readily available for public consumption and could have been developed for internal use only. there were other aspects to this video that i wish they could’ve elaborated more on (like the asset replacement methodology @3:23); but i also understand this is somewhat of a tech demo and was never meant to dive into the details.

that said, you’d never know if they’ll release the BIM Explorer extension at some point. the next best thing would be to either wait for other developers come up with similar tool or build one yourself (which can be a daunting task if you aren’t a programmer).

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