What does Revit export if the "Include BIM Information" option is selected?

I couldn’t find any information in the docs on exactly what this option does. Is there a list of what data is exported (and what is not exported)?

Is there a viewer that can show this information given the USD file?

Relatedly, does any of this exported BIM information get imported into other Omniverse-connected packages like Maya or Unreal?

For Revit, we are pushing BIM information to the USD structure. This is primarily a POC at the moment and will continue to improve and become visible in Omniverse over the next few months.

In general, it’s not important for visualization of the Revit data.

It will become useful as we interrogate the design for things like ‘the number of doors or windows’ and be able to have an interface to it in View.

It defaults OFF so it won’t impact anything. All it would do right now is export some data that you cannot access. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the information.

We’d be interested in staying in sync with you on this topic and maybe discussing some more. We are very interested in being able to extract various types of BIM data from Revit and access it in other tools even if that means writing our own code to extract it from the USD file.