Revit Connector not exporting linked models properly

Revit: 2022.1
Connector: 108.1.2158
Create: 2022.1.2 Beta

It looks like linked models are not exported using the current view Detail Level. I noticed this with Pipe and Mechanical links where exporting with a Detail Level of Medium, instead of Fine as set. Below are stats from 3ds max of the FBX and Omniverse USD from the same view.

FBX File
Objects: 11134
Faces: 7267093

USD File
Objects: 365
Faces: 116302

When opening the file directly and exporting the USD when it is not linked set to Fine I get the results below. Closer, but still not a match.

USD File
Objects: 8192
Faces: 5255636

Is there any way to get access to the source or talk with those working on this Connector to better understand what is happening behind the scenes? There are some discrepancies with FBX and USD exported from the same file and the logging option doesn’t show what or why something is skipped.


@eric.craft.MH Hello! Are you able to supply a test model for us?

I will need to do some investigation on that, as the current project may have confidential information that I cannot share.

@eric.craft.MH we are prepping a new release that may remedy this problem, we found some issues with how the paths of linked models were being treated by the exporter. Crossing my fingers that it passes our internal review process soon and reach you this or next week!

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Did this fix make it into 108.1.2179? If so I am still seeing issues with Linked Models and families not exporting in linked models.

Just checking back in on this.


@eric.craft.MH ,

When linked files are exported, the linked file’s default 3D view is used to export it, which may not have the element(s) in question revealed. It also may not share the view settings in the parent model. We are exploring ways to crack this, but no guarantees yet. This thread sheds some technical light on our problem: .

Revit’s standard file format exporters apparently circumvent Revit’s public API and use other means to get data out, so it is challenging to get parity in the look of a Revit model with a custom exporter compared against say FBX.

We did make fixes along the way that have dealt with dropped elements in linked models due to other problems, such as special characters and missing materials on objects and what have you. I hope this addresses the issue.

We’ll keep this thread fresh as we work through it.

@eric.craft.MH adding to what Leland has said, since you cannot provide models for us to test with, could you provide us with more information about your issue?

  • what category are the missing elements?

  • are there groups involved?

  • are there multiple phases and or design options involved?

@rschmitt I will dig into the model and see what I can figure out. I am not a Revit users so may take some time as I am supporting from the Visualization side, so I will do my best to get you some answers.


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I had the same problem

@rschmitt files and logs have been shared with the Enterprise team to investigate, please PM me if you need more information.

The weird thing I ran into was if I isolated the linked elements and just exported that everything worked fine. The logs had notes about skipped IDs, but no indication of why.