Some fbx files are not shown correctly


I want to confirm about fbx import feature.
I’m unclear which topic is appropriate for this confirmation so I posted to this topic
but if this topic is not appropriate, please move to the appropriate topic.

When I import fbx file, we can confirm incorrect triangle planes in some fbx files.
It looks some vertices are connected incorrectly.
( We call this fbx file as “TargetData.fbx” in here.)

I attached sample fbx file.

I want to show these kind of fbx files correctly but curretly I cannot find the way.

From my investigation, shown model is the same when we open TargetData.fbx by Microsoft 3DViewer of Windows.
But if we import TargetData.fbx into 3ds Max, Unreal Engine and Unity, 3D model is shown correctly.

  1. Open TargetData.fbx by Omniverse Create ( Incorrect )

  2. Open TargetData.fbx by Windows 3DViewer ( Incorrect )

  3. Open TargetData.fbx by 3ds Max ( Correct )

In case of 1 and 2, you can find incorrect triangle planes.

In addition, I investigated several import/export.

  1. Export new fbx file from 3ds Max.
    Create can show model correctly.
    We exported as FBX version 2020.
    In addition, 3DViewer of Windows can show model correctly.

  2. Export as USD file from 3ds Max.
    3ds Max 2022 itself can support USD file by using “USD for 3ds MAX” plugin so we can export two types of USD file.
    a) Export USD file by using “Omniverse Exporter”
    b) Export USD file by using “Universal Scene Description” ( 3ds Max plugin )

    Then we open these two types of USD files by Omniverse Create.
    a) Model is shown incorrectly. ( The same result if we import TargetData.fbx file. )

    b) Model is shown correctly.

Do you have any suggestion for this?


Masahiro Suzuoki


Sorry I mistook the subject.
Currently, we “cannot” show some fbx files correctly.


Masahiro Suzuoki / CTC

Hi @masahiro.suzuoki ,

Personally encounter such errors too and also using 3dsmax, in my findings it is always the triangulation issue when exporting. Currently to “fix” this I always apply a turn to poly modifier and set the sides to 3 as a way to triangulate the model before exporting. Hope it helps for now.

Hi, @DavidDPD

Thank you for your advice.
As you mentioned, if we apply a turn to poly modifier and set the sides to 3,
It’s very helpful .
3D model is shown correctly by Omniverse Create even if we export as Omniverse USD.
It looks max polygon size is regarding.

I also keep investigating whether we can show these kind of FBX files by Omniverse Create
without 3ds MAX.


Masahiro Suzuoki / CTC

Hello @masahiro.suzuoki! I filed a ticket with the development team for help on this issue. (OM-55040: Some fbx files are now shown correctly)

Hello, @WendyGram !

Thank you for your support!
It’s good to hear.
I’ll wait for.


Masahiro Suzuoki