How to set texture for surface imported from .obj/.fbx

Hi, I have a mesh imported from .obj or .fbx file, when trying to set the texture for the mesh, it did not work well.
surface.usd (834.2 KB)
The file is attached above, does anyone known how to fix this issue?

Hi @terryzhv83,

I checked the attached usd file, did you use anything other than ASCII text for the Mesh name?

It seemed that no material was assigned to the Mesh (even a material without any specification is required).

According to the current USD specification, only ASCII can be used for Mesh names (Prim names in USD).

Also, numbers cannot be used at the beginning of a Prim name.

In my research, I had to pay attention to the following when converting from obj or fbx to USD.

  • The node name, mesh name, and material name must be specified in ASCII.Do not use numbers at the beginning of the names.

  • Assign one material to one Mesh.

  • After converting from obj/fbx to USD, the scale may not be correct.

Also, since obj and fbx do not support PBR materials, the

I think you will need to reassign the material in Omniverse anyway, using OmniPBR or something similar.

Hi @ft-lab thanks for the reply, I double check the file, naming of the node is good, and i already use the pbr materials, not working.
as attached, the cube is working good for the pbr material, but the mesh imported from obj is (268.8 KB)

Hi @terryzhv83,
Thanks for the additional data!

I took a look at the contents of the USD.
The UV value seems to be getting very small.
If you can, please upload fbx/obj and I may be able to track it.

The geometry has been multiplied by 100, but the UVs don’t seem to be keeping up with it.

In the case of obj, there is no UV transform information, so the problem seems to be purely in the creation of the obj file.

hi, After changing the Texture scale of the UV part, it works great. Thank you!

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Hi, @terryzhv83,
Oh, I’m glad you solved it!