Isaac Sim import fbx but no textures

Hi there~

I have a tunnel model with fbx like the first photo.
When I try to import to Isaac Sim, it becomes the second photo.
(isaac sim → File → Import)

It seems like that it doesn’t import the textures successfully.
Is anyone know how to import fbx models correctly???

Have you tried importing this asset into other DCCs like Blender or 3ds Max?

Some FBX files, depending on how they were exported, will not work because the texture paths are incorrect within the FBX or material definitions in the FBX are not defined.

If it can import into other DCCs correctly and you can share the FBX with me I could take a look to understand why it’s not working.


@a0939890213 , were you able to resolve the issue?, if not then please provide your response as requested in previous message.

Meanwhile, you can try this video and see if it helps resolve your issue: Omniverse Create - Importing FBX Files | NVIDIA Omniverse Tutorials - YouTube

Hi, I’m having the same problem.

I have followed the video to import the fbx and alternatively I have imported my model as an stl.

In both cases, the materials are not applied to the prims.
The fbx file is being exported from fusion 360. When I bring it into Unity, the materials work. Can anyone shed some light?


Hello - Can you please upload the FBX file here? so we can take a look at the problem and debug it.

Hi @rthaker, I can also reproduce the behaviour for most FBX files. One example which does not work for me is i.e. this one: Free Magnetic Phone Car Mount 3D - TurboSquid 2019954

If I import it to USD Composer or Isaac Sim it looks like this.

Hope that helps, and looking forward for a hint how to solve this issue. Thanks!

@anon6568182 in order to know why that is, we can inspect the model information from Turbosquid.

this particular asset was created in 3DS Max 2014 and using a 3rd party offline renderer called VRay (a dated version, at that). so we can deduce that…1) the material assigned is most likely not MDL compatible and 2) Last line of the model description indicates “the materials applied only in MAX format” which meant the material might have been stripped out prior to exporting or simply the author of this asset did not intend to have material nor texture as part of the FBX (what @agrant3d mentioned previously regarding material definition).

so i’ll go out on a limb and say what you saw was no more a buggy OV behavior than the model being a subpar example. that said, with a bit of material tweaking and texture reassignments, you could get it closer to what you saw on the product page.