Cannot assign a texture on my FBX import

I have a FBX interior, I converted ot to USD with latest Create.

But I cannot assign materials to my objects. I can only do this by opening the individual assets from the “props” folder, like this:

That is very slow…
Is there any solution to this?

@pekka.varis -
Could you share Create logs from when you try to assign material and it failed?

Also, can you do one test for me? close Create, Reopen Create, then open the base USD file with the converted FBX interior. With doing minimal actions, select the chair and try and assign material. Try not to do anything else, move, scale, add, etc…

The error message is this:

It looks like I can change or assign the material on it, but I see no change in viewport:

Hi @pekka.varis! Would you be able to send us your logs for this issue?

Also, did you try what @mirice mentioned above? We are trying to figure out at what your process was so that we can get the error to reproduce on our end.

LOL easy fix just uncheck the “instanceable” box and you are good to go

Chris thanks!

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