Extracting USDA files

I bought a kit from kitbash 3d. It comes with a big OBJ file an FBX file and a folder full of png textures.
Strangely, If I try to “Convert the FBX to USD” with right-click “Convert to USD” If I open the newly created USD, they have all lost their textures:

If I drop the OBJ file on the stage, it renders a bunch of different objects which seem ok, I can zoom in fine, they have textures, etc…

I assume to “use these” programmatically in Code, IE, load robotarm.usda file for example. that I’ll need to extract each object into an isolated USDA file? If I try to do that… I Select the set of meshes for one object and export it to my local server as robotarm.usda

If I import this to a new stage, it seems I lose the textures.

Whats the best way to “Use these resources in my project”?
Am I on the right path to try and isolate them all into individual usd files?
Is usda the right format? How can I include the textures?

Kitbash gives several download format options, I chose obj/fbx because its a generic format and none of the others apply.

I watched the video here: Asset Importer — Omniverse Create documentation
But they dont really show exporting, reimporting, etc…

Hi @gavin.stevens. You could definitely write USD code to “extract” the parts of the kitbash set into individual assets. Another option that you may want to consider is that you could simply create a Reference to the set, but specify a target prim instead of just using defaultPrim. You could create lots of different References with different targets for each of the assets you want to use from the set. This might work for you without having to do too much work to extract.