How to convert the obj/stl file to the usd


I have used the to convert the stl file to the USD file. However the performance of the USD object is very different from the one in the NUCLEUS. The objects can be affected by the gravity but it seems that it does not have a collision with other obstacle. When they collide with the object, it just penetrates them. How can I handle this problem by using the python code?

@ensu is the question how to add collisions to (imported) meshes programmatically? (assuming you already have a physics scene)

Thank you for your reply. I have loaded the objects into the physics scene with reasonable dynamics but encountered another problem. The USD file is without a texture. In fact, my object files have a texture for this. Could you help me with this? Thank you.

i will try my best as i am simply another OV user. so to confirm, the textures are missing; is your mesh showing up red? where was the model sourced (which DCC was it made in)?

Thank you very much. In fact, the mesh is white and without any color.The ycb model is downloaded from the YCB dataset. I use to convert it into a USD file. But the USD file is without any texture.

sorry for not being familiar with the YCB database, were there any textures coming from the dataset?

Yes, they have the texture. I wonder whether it is possible to separate the collision mesh and visual mesh of the object.