Why cameras, materials et can't be removed from imported FBX files?

I wonder why we can’t remove cameras, materials etc from imported FBX models in Create?

Win 10 64bits, RTX3080Ti, GPU Driver 516.59

Create 2022.1.3

@HansVanEven I assume you use File → Import or drag and drop it as a reference into a stage? Currently, Create-2022.1.3 does not support to edit references directly, which will be improved in future release. You’d have to open the original assets you converted to delete the materials/cameras you don’t want. If you just drag and drop FBX into your scene, you have no way to edit it as it’s converted at runtime, you can double click on your FBX and convert it to your disk and edit the USD converted.

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Super thanks that’s good to know :)

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