Why cannot I delete light?

in a normal Omniverse create project. I can delete light. yes!

But then this FBX model I converted:

See, I cannot delete the light. Why?


You cannot delete the light because this is an internal reference of the props into the scene. You can hide it however.

If you want to delete it, you have to open the reference and delete it there.


This icon means the asset is referenced in from another file.

whilst the response above is correct it may not be obvious or particularly helpful :)

If you drag a USD file into an open stage then Create instances that external USD as a reference in the current stage (a reference is a specific type of composition arc in USD). In Create’s UI at least, any PRIM below the root prim of an external reference cannot be fundamentally changed (ie reparented, deleted, etc) without loading the actual reference file and changing it there. However you can edit parameters on those prims (change color, or material assignment, etc)

I’m not sure this is really restricted by USD as a format, but more how Create chooses to implement USD. AFAIK in the USD format itself there’s nothing stopping you making edits to prims inside a reference from the context of the current stage its referenced into - although those edits are non destructive and are applied as ‘overs’ within the stage you are working in - they will not ripple down permanently to the external reference itself. But Create does not support you doing that right now - but that isn’t clearly documented, and it means that certain aspects of how you work with references and so on aren’t necessarily very intuitive or fluid in practice.

I could be wrong here and in fact this limitation is inherent in USD format itself but I don’t think so…there’s actually quite a few things you can effectively do theoretically within USD that Create does not currently support at all.

just as an example - within USD generally you can actually target a sub prim of an external USD file and reference that rather than the whole USD file - or attach the root of any referenced USD onto any existing prim in the stage. the resultant stage is just a composition arc that once resolved can then be further edited and manipulated as you see fit (creating additional composition layers)

Create take a more rigid approach - especially as to how the UI deals with references and sublayers which have very different conceptual approaches within the UI (references are fixed things that can’t be edited at a structural level, sublayers are similarly external files but all of them are essentially loaded and structurally editable within the stage)

Create is based on USD, but it does not support all the expressive flexibility that USD itself actually enables (some of that is maybe desirable as USD itself is maybe slightly too flexible and fluid as a concept without some kind of externally imposed ‘opinion’ on how to use it)

We do support overs and if you turn off “intstanceable” in the UI, you can do just that. However Im not sure delete is a valid over, will have to check.

Also, we do support this

" l USD file and reference that rather than the whole USD file"

You can chose the path in the reference property widget or you can right click on a file and drag and drop the parts to the stage window.

You have to enable this extension


Just put the asset path in reference widget

Thank you very much! i now used just the hide -feature.
There are so many sources / formats of models that I have to concentrate on unreal marketplace for start.