Add_reference_to_stage , assets in USD file invisible warning

I create a usd file named “zeroSample.usd”, I am trying to add it to stage as reference by following code:

add_reference_to_stage(“file:/home/Documents/Prj/Zeros/zeroSample.usd”, ref_path)

The reference zeroSample added successfully in the stage, but assets in the original USD files are invisible.

[Warning] [omni.usd] Warning: in _ReportErrors at line 2830 of /buildAgent/work/ca6c508eae419cf8/USD/pxr/usd/usd/stage.cpp – Could not open asset @file:/home/isaac/Documents/Prj/Zeros/zeroSimple.usd’@ for reference on prim @anon:0x17c2b7a0:World8.usd@,@anon:0x7fb19c0655d0:World8-session.usda@</World/zeroSample>. (recomposing stage on stage @anon:0x17c2b7a0:World8.usd@ <0x15aa74b0>) not sure if you’ve already resolved this problem since it’s been a few weeks. i am wondering if this code snippet is somewhat relevant - Create a Reference — Omniverse Developer Guide latest documentation

@Simplychenable , Unfortunately I did not solve this problem.

  1. I tried the method in the link you posted, got the same prompt “recomposing stage on stage”.
    The context of my programming is extension APP.
    As the following picture, I can print the USDA file, but can not see any thing in the viewport.

  2. I skipped this issue by following code, but it is not added as “reference”.

  async def open_stage(self):      
        (result,error)=await omni.usd.get_context().open_stage_async(self._path)     #"file:/home/isaac/Documents/Prj/Zeros/zeroSimple.usd"
        if not result:
            print(f"Errors: on open stage")
  1. How to solve the problem of “recomposing stage on stage”?
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Does the “zeroSample.usd” have a default prim?


and just fyi, the URL i meant to link was “Create a Reference” and not “Add a Reference”. i’ve made the necessary change to my last post, sorry for the confusion.

it can be as short as…

import omni.kit.commands
from pxr import Sdf
import omni.usd


and to iterate, this is assuming zeroSample.usd has a defaultPrim; otherwise, the content of the usd won’t come through.

@Simplychenable ,

  I tried your last post and create the zeroSample reference successfully.

  So  "add"  command contain another stage in the reference?

 Thank you so much!  ^_^
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