How Can I create an animated screen on Omniverse Create

How can I create a TV screen or any screen to show mp4 movies (I know the create doesn’t support mp4 files) or png maps inside a prob like a TV?
I have been looking to find any tutorial effective or article for two days but I couldn’t. Can someone explain it detailed and proper, please? Thank you

Hi @gurol.arslan! There’s actually a new video about this: NVIDIA Omniverse: Create Animated Materials (Sample Download Included) - YouTube

Take a look at the description for the sample project that includes the custom material to make it work.


Hi Mati,
Thanks a lot for your reply. I saw this tutorial last night and believe me I worked on it from yesterday night till today morning but I couldn’t run. I think I am missing something on it. Please could you tell me in this tutorial, will I use regular omniPBR or is there another special omniProb named OmniProb_animated? Because I couldn’t work the png sequence with omniprobe. Many thanks

You need to use the special OmniPBR_Animated material that’s included in the zip from the video. You could either reference or sublayer a USD layer with just that material into your main scene or you could create a new material on the fly by using the MDL. Here’s how you could create a new material in the scene from the provided MDL.

Hi again Mati

Thank you very much for your help and all support. Actually I did this the same way but I could’nt.May be I missed something, I’ll try to solve the case again by this way. Thank you for sharing again.

Hi Mati

It worked, I appreciate your support. Thank you very much


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