How do I apply an image texture to a prop?

I can drag materials onto a prop, and it applies, sometimes I have to select Stronger than descendants.

I tried browsing to a .png on my local drive, and drag onto a prop, and nothing happens.


Hello @DataJuggler! Materials have USD properties assigned to them which makes it easy to Drag and Drop material assignments.

You can follow the instructions here: Omniverse MDL Materials — Omniverse Create documentation on how to create materials.

I was able add a .png tree texture on a cube following those instructions.

Let me know if this helped or if you have more questions.

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Thank you for the instructions.

Since the point of ‘Provide Feedback’ is to tell you my opinion, here is what I think of:

Your docs:
“For a quick easy way to apply a new material to your mesh you can create and automatically apply the material by simply selecting a mesh or several meshes before creating a new material.”

I look at how easy it is to apply Materials to a prop, and look at the instructions given for a texture, and I wish your developers would rethink this process. Dragging a file and applying it like you do for materials sounds like a much simpler process, especially if you have dozens or more textures.

IClone has a ‘Texture’ button, and that is much easier than the instructions shown. I don’t want to create a material, I want to apply a texture to my already selected prop. A material sounds like I want to build a library. A texture I want to apply one time for a prop.

When I look at your props in the Marbles samples, these props looks like they had to come from a texture.

Were the Marbles Sample props created with some of your AI photo wizardry, or do they create a material for props like these?

I will go back to bed, and wake up and see if the instructions you listed are easier than me creating a prop in IClone and exporting to Omniverse.

Thanks, the best instructions are no instructions needed because it is so simple.

I tried, and when I apply a material to a plane, it doesn’t apply right.

Somethings are too complicated for my little brain, and I am starting to think Omniverse is one of them.

After clicking Create Material, do I browse for my texture in the Albedo section? Had to look up that word. There are too many options on your create materials tab.

After reading the instructions, I will go with my first impression. I don’t want a material, your system seems to work with Materials and not png files, which is what I understand.