USD is not listed in the Import options

I know you can open a USD file, but there are times I already have a scene, and just want to import a prop.

USD is my new favorite platform, but if I have to close a project every time I want to open a prop, I don’t see how this is useable.

If I have a project open, and want to bring in a USD file on my hard drive, how do I do it?

Doesn’t this make sense, or is there some other (harder) way to do this?

Hi @DataJuggler! I was able to import a USD prop into an already created scene by doing this:

Using Create 2022.2.0 > File > Add Reference > Navigate to the file location > Click on USD Asset > Add Reference

Let me know if that works for you!

I didn’t think to try Add Reference. I guess I didn’t know what that means.

I wasn’t expecting to look under the File menu. You have this section called
‘Materials on Selected Model’, that is where I was looking for an apply material button.

A browse icon on the right near where it says ‘Stronger Than Descendants’, is closer to what IClone does, and that is all I know.

To me the ‘Materials’ section is a little more obvious, might help the next person find it.

Thank you for answering, now I know (how long I will remember is the ?)