Usd Composer Extension (Mdl To USD)

i have seen there is an extension called MDL to USD Converter.
This extension has no documentation on how to used it.

Can any one link me to some docs ?

Thank you.

This is a built in core extension, that simply supports MDL. Any mdl can be saved as a usd as normal. What are you trying to do specifically ? You can start a new usd file, drag in or create some new mdl materials, and then just save the usd file.

Hey thank you for the quick response !

Im trying to create a scene in the composer and then imported in unity.

But because MDL is not supported by unity USD importer (also tried omniverse connecter in only support OmniPBR and Glass), i thought maybe i can export the MDL materials as USD and that could works ?

Thank you.

Well I would find out what materials are supported by the Unity USD Importer, for both native and Omniverse, and then make sure you are using those types in USD Composer.

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