Can't Export MDL out of Create


Is there functionality to export MDL materials from create? I have a connector that’s compiling MDLs at runtime into the USD scene and would like to export them. These are novel materials created from an existing MDL with added parameters that I don’t have access to outside of the USD scene (I believe they are from a deprecated standard of MDL). I’ve tried selecting the material in the scene hierarchy and choosing ‘export selected’ from the drop-down menu but choosing file type ‘all files’ and naming the file with a ‘.mdl’ just throws an error to the console and results in no export.

Please let me know if I’m making a mistake here or if this functionality is going to be added in the future.

Much appreciated! :)


Hi @LMTraina99! I reached out to the MDL team for some help here. I’ll post back when I have more information!

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Hello @LMTraina99! The dev team let me know that support for this is still under development. You can check out our Omniverse Public Roadmap to see what we are working on for the next release.

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