BUG: AO set in OmniPBR is not exported to MDL


  1. Create OmniPBR material.
  2. Load AO texture and set AO to Diffuse value.
  3. Right-click on material in Stage tree and select Export to MDL
  4. Restart and import MDL, the AO is missing.

Note: I added texture path to MDL file in notepad and saved. It loads fine. So, the problem is on export.

Hi @atillaakin
Can you tell me which version of Create you’re using? Also can you tell me if the MDL is bound to a Mesh when you run the export to MDL command? There is a limitation in Create that, materials must be assigned to a mesh in order to export properly.

2022.3.1-rc25 and yes, the material is assigned to a mesh in the scene. Thanks for checking!

Hi @atillaakin
Would you mind posting a zip of your asset? I tried doing a similar export in 2022.3.1 and our newest 2022.3.3. I was successfully able to export something like this.

The exported MDL is here.
ExportOmniPBR3.mdl (1.8 KB)

If you can provide me a reproduceable case, that would help us diagnose your issue.

We do have a number of improvements with export coming up in 2022.3.3 but that may not be your issue.


Hi Frankie,

Thank you for checking it on your side. I cannot reproduce it either. Who knows what was different, maybe I am confused somehow. I guess we can/should remove this thread as it looks like a wrong alert.


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