How to save my materials in library so that I could reuse easily in other usd scenes?

How do i save my materials in library so that I could reuse them easily in other .usd scenes without twigging those parameters recreate them over and over again.

Hello @yuanmiaomiao1994! I am looking into this. I see that we have a Material Library Extension in development, but I’m not sure if it is available to you yet.

Also, in case it may help, here is a link to the Python API code for the material library: omni.kit.material.library

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I do recall hearing that the capability to export USDShade materials as .mdl files was in the works. Looking forward to that!

Great. I’ll stay tuned on that. And thanks for the info, we will look into it. (I’m not a programmer myself but my colleague might have something to do with it :)


This can already be done, just select the material you have setup and right click then export selected and save it into the library folder(create a folder like for example Materials for better management). To use that material can use something like add payload or reference into the scene. Hope it helps !


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