Import MDL, edit and export


I am working on a research project which requires for me to be able to import vMaterials mdl materials, edit exposed parameters, view the rendering and export an mdl file with the changes made. So far I have tried Substance which does not support mdl import, Maya with omniverse connector which does not support changing mdl parameters on export, and some other softwares without any luck. I would really appreciate suggestions on which softwares or connectors might support these things.

Hi monaavr,

OK, that sounds to me like you would like to create new presets from existing vMaterials using your own parameters settings, is that right?

I have recorded a video for you that explains, how to add new material presets to existing vMaterial MDL files. That way your new presets will go directly with the vMaterials catalog. I hope that helps for what you are trying to do.