Using WaveWorks 2.0 with Omniverse

Is it possible to display WaveWorks 2.0 (which so far as I can tell uses hlsl) in Omniverse Create?

Also, is there any documentation, tutorial, or example that uses WaveWorks in Omniverse The only application I could find using WaveWorks was this, only it’s using Unreal Engine: One Thousand Ships with Real-time Buoyancy and NVIDIA WaveWorks | NVIDIA Developer

Hello @jayliu50! WaveWorks was created through our Geforce Experience team for game development. I do not know if they are moving that technology over to Omniverse, so I will ask!

Have you looked into the isosurface component in Omniverse yet? Particle Simulation — Omniverse Create documentation

Thank you so much for your reply and for looking into that.

After some research, I discovered maybe I could stuff all the HLSL code into a SlangNode on Connect. Maybe the dev team could also help me know whether that’s a bad idea, or what.

I’ll look into the Particle link you suggested, so thank you for sharing that!

I’m new to all this, if that wasn’t already apparent!

I guess I just need 1-2 square km of realistic dynamic ocean. Would the particle sim method you mentioned computationally suitable at that scale?

Hi @jayliu50,

We are planning to publish an omni.ocean extension with the next Create that will enable large-scale ocean simulations using Warp.

In the meantime you can also check out the Warp examples (e.g.: ripple deformer) for an example of how to integrate GPU-based deformers into OmniGraph.


Btw the method we will publish in omni.ocean will be based on this paper: Visual Computing @ IST Austria