Using WaveWorks 2.0 with Omniverse

Is it possible to display WaveWorks 2.0 (which so far as I can tell uses hlsl) in Omniverse Create?

Also, is there any documentation, tutorial, or example that uses WaveWorks in Omniverse The only application I could find using WaveWorks was this, only it’s using Unreal Engine: One Thousand Ships with Real-time Buoyancy and NVIDIA WaveWorks | NVIDIA Developer

Hello @jayliu50! WaveWorks was created through our Geforce Experience team for game development. I do not know if they are moving that technology over to Omniverse, so I will ask!

Have you looked into the isosurface component in Omniverse yet? Particle Simulation — Omniverse Create documentation

Thank you so much for your reply and for looking into that.

After some research, I discovered maybe I could stuff all the HLSL code into a SlangNode on Connect. Maybe the dev team could also help me know whether that’s a bad idea, or what.

I’ll look into the Particle link you suggested, so thank you for sharing that!

I’m new to all this, if that wasn’t already apparent!

I guess I just need 1-2 square km of realistic dynamic ocean. Would the particle sim method you mentioned computationally suitable at that scale?

Hi @jayliu50,

We are planning to publish an omni.ocean extension with the next Create that will enable large-scale ocean simulations using Warp.

In the meantime you can also check out the Warp examples (e.g.: ripple deformer) for an example of how to integrate GPU-based deformers into OmniGraph.


Btw the method we will publish in omni.ocean will be based on this paper: Visual Computing @ IST Austria


Is Omni.ocean out yet? Where can I find information about it? It’s very difficult to find information about things in Omniverse!

EDIT: Ok… so the extension is called “Ocean Deformer” apparently? And the only documentation is a very bare bones step by step in the extension description? There’s a video link sure, but you can’t even click it (or copy it) and it seems you have to sign in to some “Slack” before allowed to watch it? What if I don’t have an account.

This doesn’t feel ready for general use, I must admit.

Hi @EDRobert ,

Yes documentation is limited - but there is a sample in the Sample Browser under Simulation->Ocean, that may be good starting point for creating your own scenes.


Hmm… well we’ve just begun investigating Omniverse and that sample gets only 30fps in the viewport, while other files get 60fps.

Attempting to drop one of our smaller boats into the sample yields a completely unusable application:

We were hoping to be able to show off boats in VR but that seems like a showstopper.

Also, why have you tied the viewport framerate to the responsiveness of the UI in the entire application?

Hi @EDRobert ,

Can I ask what version you are using?

Also curious about the boat asset - is it this slow when you view it separately? Is the asset available online anywhere we could try?


I just downloaded it, so it should be the latest. It says 2022.3.3 in the launcher for Create.

The boat has 60fps when viewed separately. It’s our latest production boat so unfortunately I can’t share it.

So I’ve tried this in 2023.1.1 again, on a brand new Ryzen 9 7900 PC with a 3090 in it and… I get 15fps just by loading the ocean_medium sample… further, using the three different raytracing modes, it looks completely different!

The ocean_small gives me something like maybe 35 fps at the most, but weirdly it doesn’t even render in the Accurate (Iray) mode.

If I work for a company who wants to showcase their boats on an ocean (also in VR), Omniverse is perhaps not for us yet?