Oceans in Omniverse

Are there only two publicly available alternatives?

The super resource consuming Waveworks, or just a flat plane with a noise texture?

There’s nothing in between?

Nothing like what’s available in Unigine, Unreal or Unity?

GIF 2024-02-01 10-33-01

I can ask, and get back to you. But I know with our extension manager and community of developers, someone could write their own water simulation tool. Have you tried both methods ?

Yes. Waveworks did not have acceptable performance, so I guess we’re stuck with the plane for now.

Maybe I can export a frozen wave sim from one of our other applications, but that would be frozen, and not animated…

What is this video from? Is this Omniverse?

@mees.van.loben.sels the clip shown from the initial post was from Unigine.

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