Blast Flow tutorial

I’m trying to achieve the blast with procedural dust effect and tried using the same settings as the demo scene but to no avail. Have attached my test file.
BlastFlow.usd (27.9 KB)
Can you create a step by step tutorial on this? I can’t make out what are the settings involved from this video: Getting into the Flow with Blast Destruction in Omniverse - YouTube
I see it uses a flowEmitterMesh but I have no idea how to use it. Please advise, thanks.

Hi @qazs, it looks like you are missing a couple needed pieces on the Flow side. I see FlowSimulate, but not FlowRender. You can look at the example scene if you go to Window → Simulation → Demo Scenes. In the panel that opens up, expand the Blast section and load the “Flow Integration” demo. That has everything you need (plus wind to blow the dust around a bit).

The emitter mesh is what actually pumps dust into the scene. The OmniGraph nodes connect collision and fracture events to the mesh emitter to tell it where to emit from, and how much to emit. The layer of the flowEmitterMesh, the flowSimulate, and flowRender prims all need to match.

When you add the flowRender prim, you can select rayMarch under it and turn on “enableBlockWireFrame” to see green boxes where Flow knows about dust. If you don’t see any boxes when your cube hits the ground and breaks apart, then something isn’t hooked up right.

By adding the flowRender prim (right click, Create → Flow → Render Properties) and then setting the layer to match on all 3 pieces I get dust created when the box falls. Hope this helps. I’ll see if we can get a more in depth tutorial on it.

Thanks, got it working now. Sometimes I need to reopen the file otherwise it doesn’t show the flow effect. Maybe it’s due to low memory…

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