Liquid simulation is not reacting with Blender animations

In Omniverse Create, the object animations which I have imported, it is not reacting with the Omniverse liquid simulation.
Uploading: Create 2022.3.3 - C__Users_Hariharan R_Downloads_Collected_Factory_Collected_Factory_Factory2.usd_ 2023-05-28 19-14-54.mp4…

you can see the error it throws.


I am not able to view the video, but to be sure. Did you applied kinematic body with colliders to the animated objects? Note that for 104.2 release we support only animated transformations, if your mesh is changing points, this will not work. We will support animated mesh points through kinematic deformable bodies in upcoming release.


I added the Rigid body and collider preset and after your suggestion, I went and searched for it, I found it in the settings. By enabling the same, I am encountering different issues.

I applied the kinematic collider for the car body in this scene. I think I might miss something else here.

Thanks for helping out.

Can you please visualize where are the collisions, to identify where the particles do not collide?
Please see my video how to enable it:

Check please where are your collisions, to see what might be going wrong.

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