Flex in Unreal Engine 4

Greetings, there are several issues associated with the Flex in Unreal Engine 4

1 - not found in the documentation, vertex color effect on particle simulation
The screenshot shows that only particles colored in white are participating in the simulation
vertex colored in black are fixed in the world
Question: Can I attach to moving a fixed vertex related subjects, if so, how?

but if the spawn is the same object that the vertex of color does not affect the simulation … a bug?

2 - Is it possible to create motion control for flex objects?

3 - have been realized in FlexDemo “shift + left mouse - Particle select and drag”
any way to repeat it in UE4?

4 - of the questions 1,2,3 - Flex object attached to a movable object including skeletal mesh

5 - particles fall through the collision in UE4
in FlexDemo particles under any circumstances I have not crossed collisions with other objects
is there any way to avoid it in UE4

6 - to activate or deactivate the simulation?

all the questions connected to the use of flex not as level decoration, but as a part of moving objects or characters.(Particularly softbody and cloth)

Thanks for any answers.
(Documentation - http://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/artisttools/Flex/index.html )
(google translate helped me translate this message)

Also interested in this!

1.it’s in document.Flex Cloth Asset Tether Stiffness

3.The only way I found is use Radial Force Component or attach-parent (adjustment see document) to simulate.

4,5.Me too cannot convert skeletal mesh to flex actor correctly.
I’m attaching static-mesh to skeletal-mesh socket as collision.
I’m attaching static-mesh to skeletal-mesh socket,and attach flex to static-mesh to acheive attachment-to-skeletal-mesh
Me too find the skeletal mesh seems cannot interact with flex in any way.

There seems still remain many problems,also interested.Please let me notified if any problem solved or in a better way.Thank you.

Im looking for fluid simulation tutorials. I was able to create a CPU flex particle but no GPU particle. And i have many doubts how use the Fluid Surface to make my fluid looks like water.

Any help???

Hello. I am trying to use Unreal Flex 4.17. I have it running. The build of the solution is working. I followed the documentation here…


I have my emitter, container, surface, and material set up and configured. Still, neither simulation nor screen surface rendering is working. Is something broken in this Github build?