Flex - PhysX interop?

So the manual for Flex says that “it is recommended to use Flex in conjunction with a traditional rigid-body physics engine, such as PhysX”. Looking very briefly through the API reference I see no means of communication between the two, although this is hinted at in at least one NVIDIA presentation.

How are Flex and PhysX supposed to work together?

Hello there, does Flex has to be installed separately or it comes with the PhysX SDK 3.4?

Flex is distributed separately from PhysX. You can now find the latest Flex binaries on the developer downloads section, or by accepting the Gameworks EULA:


And going to the Github Gameworks page:

For an example of how to interface Flex and PhysX I would recommend taking a look at UE4 Flex integration:


(Must be a registered UE4 developer)