Announcing NVIDIA PhysX SDK 5.0

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Available soon in 2020, we’ll be introducing support for a unified constrained particle simulation framework.

Is PhysX 5 still under development? Anyone know?

I wish I knew. I hope that it is GPU accelerated. Some game dvelopers are just lazy.

I wish I had their source code.

Sorry for the delay! Adam had a great answer to this question on another thread.

Jeez, can you guys hurry up? I’m using Flex on the old version of the engine in VR and it’s already amazing. There’s so much to do around soft body mechanics exactly in VR. With all this hype around meta you have to do something. Please give it into our hands ASAP! I’m literally begging you, my project won’t move much further without proper SDK. Please hit me up if it is possible to participate in early testing or something. I can share some of my project and you 100% will get as exited as I am.