Any PhysX 5.0 release update?

So, “early 2020” has come and gone and not a peep from Nvidia. Would it be to much to ask for any sort of update ?

The silence is deafening…

Omniverse has released into Open Beta today, with various Omniverse applications built on PhysX 5. Earlier this year Isaac Sim has launched on PhysX 5.

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The PR I saw said Issac Sim will release in feb 2021. Regardless, I’ve bee waiting for the PhysX5 sdk for a year now and still have no idea when it will be available since last update was “early 2020”.

I cannot promise a date for general availability of an SDK, it is not in the near future, overall we are far from done. Omniverse Create is where we do all our development, so it can give you a good sense for how far we are.

It is possible to apply for early access to the SDK under NDA, please contact your relationship manager. We still keep the number of such light house accounts very limited as we are a small team and our ability to support third parties is finite while we continue to keep our focus on developing the technology.

Thanks for the update. I’m a full time game dev at EA, but have a personal side project that uses Volkan for render thread and PhysX 4 for the sim thread. I was hoping to upgrade to 5, so I’ve been paused on sim thread waiting. I would love early release, but doubt I’m a candidate for that.

I must say though, that I am confused why the PR tease back in 12/19 and the SDK page ( ) saying :
“PhysX 5.0 is just around the corner, and we wanted to provide a look at all the new features! In this version, available in 2020” ?
It 12/20 and you say “it is not in the near future, overall we are far from done”.
Not ragging on the devs, just saying- why the disconnect?.

As a professional game developer I am sure you are not a complete stranger to complex multi-year projects not going completely the way they were initially planned. Do all games always ship on the same day as they were first announced? I wouldn’t mind going over the details of what exactly happened here over a couple of beers, but this is not the right forum, it’s complicated. In a nutshell, the scope of what we are working on has changed significantly since that announcement.

I do, like I said not ragging on the devs. But then give an update. still says early 2020. It’s been a year, maybe take a minute to update the website at least.

What would you like me to put there, specifically? Like I said we really released various PhysX 5 based technology and applications this year. We never said in any of those announcements that it will be complete in 2020 or promised anything regarding the specific terms of the SDK availability. I fundamentally agree with you that it would have been better not to announce it so soon, but I can’t undo that.

Like I said I don’t know when the SDK will be released broadly, I don’t have a new date. If anything I would like to learn from this and not make any more forward looking statements since it clearly creates confusion. I don’t want to just make that text disappear, it was like a press release back when we made it, any retroactive manipulation would also confuse people.

I was expecting PhysX 5.0 SDK to be available in early 2020. I guess that’s on me, but the PhysX SDK web page - where there are links to download the SDK, Developer Guide and GitHub for PhysX 4 - is where it says PhysX 5.0 will be available in 2020. I guess I just want to know what’s going on with it. Some tech companies will show a road map and update it once a quarter.

One of the reasons I’ve poked on this is because I had the same issue with NVidia Flow 1.1, where the web site said it would be released in the next month, but 7 months after it was supposed to be released, nothing had been updated. When I queried about it, your reply was that it had been delayed because of staff priorities - which, yes I get it. But I don’t understand why the site couldn’t have been updated to say it’s been delayed. So I hope this feedback does help improve things. because it is frustrating to just be left hanging.