How to get the latest version of Isaac Sim Omniverse

I found that the latest version of the Isaac SDK 2020.1 has been released, but I can only find Isaac Sim Unity3D, and Omniverse still needs to apply for early experience, when can I use Isaac Sim Omniverse?


The new 2020.1 EA release is available now, please see for details.

I have checked this page, so It still needs to be applied for permission to use instead of opening it to everyone?

It’s an automatic approval. Having a signup list makes it easier for us to support the rollout.

I was granted access, but I still can’t find a link to download a container. Where should we look? BTW, my contact email for the project was different than my nvidia dev account email. Might that have muddled things?

The container will be on NGC, not Dev Zone, and I’m afraid it might be held up still. The local workstation installer is on Dev Zone, along with the Nucleus server installer. Were you able to see those? Regarding the emails, yes, that might have messed up the permissions thing.

Thanks. I did eventually see more. Downloaded most components except for the container which doesn’t list on ngc. I was looking for 2020.1_ea. I’ll give some time and look again. Thanks again.

All local installation tools seem to work, including Omniverse. However, I can’t find any links to the connect client tools (Maya Plugin, etc). How are those tools accessed? Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for trying it out. The NGC container should be up by tomorrow.

The connect clients are not included in the Isaac Sim 2020.1 EA release. Please sign up for the Omniverse Early Access to get links to the connect tools here.

Sorry about that, we will fix the issue. You shouldn’t have to sign up for two programs to get the connectivity tools. Feel free to sign up for the general Omniverse EA program to get the Connect plugins quickly, but we will also make the critical bits available via the Isaac Sim downloads page as soon as possible.

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Thanks so much! I’ve applied and hopefully will gain access. Looking forward,

The NGC container is now updated and you can find the connector plugins on the Isaac Sim download page too.