Isaac Sim 2020.1 Preview Release Announcement

Hello All,

We are excited to announce that Isaac Sim 2020.1 Preview: Manipulation with Leonardo is now live.

This release is provided as a preview of the full Isaac Sim 2020.1 which will be released soon. Isaac Sim 2020.1 is built on NVIDIA’s Omniverse simulation platform, it leverages Omniverse Kit and has been enhanced with robotics specific extensions.

This preview supports Leonardo, a robotic manipulation research application which provides examples from the Leonardo project to explore the major features of this next-generation simulation platform. This release is offered as a container on NGC that could also run on RTX equipped Amazon Web Services (AWS) with streaming to the user’s desktop. This cloud-based delivery provides the latest RTX graphics and performance to any desktop system without requiring local NVIDIA RTX GPUs.

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Isaac Sim team

Any updates on 2020.1 Sim for Omniverse (Navigation)? The documentation says to check back after June 6, but no updates seem to be available. Thanks! Would love to start porting from Unity

Hi Piezas

Isaac Sim 2020.1_ea is out, please try our early access program.
Thank you for your interest.

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Hi Lila
I have tried to get an access ,but it’s still showing “Approval pending”.How can I get the access?
Thanks a lot


Hi Hongwei,

Sorry to hear that.
What is the email address that you used when you applied? I can check your status by your email address.


Hi Liila,

Thank you for your reply.
My email address is “”.The application I filled in may be short, but I hope my probation application can pass.

Wish you work smoothly!


Hi 872386044, Do you mind sharing more info for example where you work or study ( a website address ). If you dont want to share it here. please send an email to me at