Where is physx Sdk 5.0 for usage in custom applications

Basically, I only see it in the omniverse apps, but I am developing a completely separate application, so I need an out-of omniverse integration, I obviously can’t ship omniverse and my app together.

Hello @emelrad12! I’ve directed your post to the development team. Thanks for reaching out!

Hello @emelrad12. The development team got back to me and informed me that this is still in development. It is currently being tested for early access usage, so it sounds like we might have something soon, but I don’t have an ETA from the dev team yet.

Hello @WendyGram . Is there any information on PhysX 5 SDK licensing? Will it be open source / BSD 3 as PhysX 4?

PhysX 5 is exclusively available to the public in the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. Download the open beta today. To explore licensing PhysX 5, please apply for early access today

Does this line imply that PhysX 5 SDK will not be freely available at launch?
Omniverse platform is amazing for research, but you can’t really build anything practical with it.

Hi @pz11! Thanks for your questions. I am waiting for the dev team to get back to me. Will post here as soon as I hear back!

Hey all, I have a little more information for you regarding the SDK. The PhysX team is finalizing SDK license usage not just for Omniverse, but for use outside of Omniverse as well.

For companies, we offer early access licenses. If you are a company that would like an early access license, please contact your account manager.

For the rest of us, we will have to wait. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA on how long.