PhysX 3.* : How to run it on iOS?

Hi everybody,

If I understand correctly, iOS is included in supported platforms of PhysX. But on official site where you can download PhysX SDK there are archives only for PC, Linux, OSX, Android and win8arm. So where can I find PhysX SDK for iOS(if it really does exist) or how should I run other builds on iOS?

Sorry if my question is not correct. I’m not iOS developer myself.

Thanks in advance.

So where can I find PhysX SDK for iOS
I believe you should send that question to


I didnt find any information about native support of PhysX for iOS.
There are only information about Android SDK.

Maybe there will be in PhysX 3.3 - (closed beta is “outside”)
But I dont think so. They would say something about it.

PhysX is avaiable for OSX, but … not for iOS I guess.

Of course, UDK and Unity have iOS support - including a version of PhysX.
Maybe you take a look these game engines.

I didnt find any information about native support of PhysX for iOS
iOS as supported platform is listed in Release Notes, for example.

It just resides outside “free” SDKs, similar to console versions.

That’s why it is better to ask NVIDIA licensing directly.


I did a fast search for it - but didnt found it.
Asked google - and found strange things but nothing important.
Okay. Sorry for that!
But I didnt find a page where the iOS is marked to have a native PhysX SDK to public.

In the release notes (from PhysX SDK) there is a hint - okay.

Of course, its better to ask Nvidia directly for it.

I’ve sent an email to NVidia. I’m waiting for response.

Well, this is NVidia’s answer:

“The iOS version of PhysX is not free.”

this is NVidia’s answer
It is certanly a bad idea to publish pricing info on public forum - companies don’t like that

Ok , sorry)