Building PhysX 3.3.2 for iOS arm64


Does PhysX 3.3.2 work on 64bit ARM cpu’s? (iOS in this case)


I believe that the latest iOS port, which is currently available only under license, supports iOS-64. However we haven’t had many customers for that build yet.

Thats great!

Can you identify that version for me? The one I have seems to be missing it.

PhysX-3.3.2 (18915364)

If this is not the correct version… can you provide me with a new one?


I’ll check. It could be still on trunk, not released yet.

Any news on this, i would also need it.


The iOS-64 support will be released with PhysX-3.3.3, due out by GDC (March 2015).

Great, thank you.

Is iOS 64-bit support available yet? We are unable to submit new apps to the App Store without this support.

Waiting on this too, other posts indicate it should have arrived by now. Hopefully it will soon!
It makes me a bit nervous about relying on PhysX when the iOS build can get 18 months behind the times. It doesn’t work with 64 bit (introduced by Apple in October 2013!) or XCode 6 I believe. Hopefully the source being opened up will make this kind of problem less likely in the future, but the source on GitHub doesn’t support iOS building currently.


The recent release of 3.3.3 to Github is not the final release, we are still preparing it. Somebody is working on iOS-64 compatibility currently. It may be released separately from the rest. Do you rely on PhysX for iOS only, or are you building games that run on multiple platforms?

So When will arm64 available?
Or is there any way I can use current lib on iphone6…

Have you checked the latest repo ?

From release notes:
“Added arm64 support for the iOS version of the PhysX SDK”

Oh sorry,I forgot this.
Thanks a lot!