OSX support

There hasn’t been an OSX version published in the Support Center/downloads since 3.2.2. The latest PC version is 3.2.4 and the new 3.3 betas don’t include a Mac version either.

Has support for Mac been dropped?


Mac support has not been dropped. Have a look at the new 3.3-beta-2, available here https://developer.nvidia.com/rdp/physx-downloads

I will post 3.2.4 in the next day or so as well.


“and the new 3.3 betas don’t include a Mac version either.”

They are labeled “OSX”.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the quick response and glad to hear the Mac is still supported.

There is no OSX version listed in the 3.3 beta 2 as far as I can see. Here’s what’s listed on the PhysX developer support page.


1. 	exe PhysX-3.3.0_Beta-2_ANDROID_SDK_Core
2. 	zip PhysX-3.3.0_Beta-2_LINUX_SDK_Core
3. 	zip PhysX-3.3.0_Beta-2_PC_SDK_Core
4. 	zip PhysX-3.3.0_Beta-2_Win8ARM_SDK_Core

The binary distros on the developer support site are being deprecated. In the future all binary distros will be available only on the Registered Developer Program page for PhysX downloads. Find OSX here:


I fixed the problem on the old downloads site, you should be able to see the beta-2 and the 3.2.3 distros there now.

Excellent! Thanks for the help. PhysX 3.3 looks like a great update. Snippets are much appreciated.


Glad to hear it! We’ve put a lot of work into 3.3, there are a number of performance improvements. The beta isn’t too rough, but we still have our work ahead of us to fully clean it up for the release.


Hi Mike,

I tried to run Samples/compiler/xcode_osx64public/Samples.xcodeproject in version 3.2.4.

I am on OSX 10.8.5, xcode 5.

I see the following error in Xcode during compilation of SampleConsole.cpp

Semantic Issue

Multiple unsequenced modifications to ‘mNewcmd’

mNewcmd = mNewcmd++CONSOLE_MAX_HIST; <<< Error