Optix 5.1 MacOS download missing..


just checking Optix 5 to see MacOS binaries missing…
it’s because:
“On Mac OS X, Volta GPUs are not yet supported. This issue will be addressed in the near future.”
and once MacOSX binaries are present they will support also Titan V on MacOS?


Yes, there is not a mac release for optix 5.0. We hope to have one soon, at which point it should support all GPUs supported by the Mac drivers. This should include Titan V.

OptiX 5.0 for Mac now available for download

Hi Keith_Morley & Ankit_Patel,

thanks for all info… Optix 5 on Mac works nice…

now seems Optix 5.1 has been released and also missing are Mac binaries…

would be nice if can you provide an update on “On Mac OS X, Volta GPUs are not yet supported”…
I’m getting a Titan V next month and would like to know if there are still plans on Macos support for Volta?
also from past releases seems next big Mac Nvidia Web driver update should come with Mojave launch in late September… so maybe Titan V only gets supported on Mojave only?


just changed issue title to 5.1…

I’m curious about Mac OS 5.1 download as well?

Any word on missing Optix 5.1 for OSX?

OS X no longer supports CUDA at all. Until that changes, optix, which is based on CUDA, cannot be released on OS X.

But the CUDA is working fine on OSX up to 10.13.6 version. Why those versions can not be updated?

The latest Optix release notes say that:

“OptiX 5.1.1 has been built with CUDA 9”.
CUDA 9 and 10 are available for OSX


“Operating System:
Windows 7/8.1/10 64-bit; Linux RHEL 4.8+ or Ubuntu 10.10+ 64-bit; Mac OS 10.9 or higher”

So what is the real reason it is not yet released?

The ‘real’ reason has already been stated – Mac is no longer supporting CUDA in its drivers. This is out of NVIDIA’s control. The Listing of ‘Mac OS 10.9 or higher’ in the release notes is a documentation bug. It should have been remove when we stopped releasing on Mac – we will fix it.

I personally have developed on Mac for many years and would love to have a solution here, but there isnt anything we can do.

I don’t get this. Since CUDA 10 is available up to High Sierra why can’t you release Optix for this system version?
The latest Optix release notes say that: “OptiX 5.1.1 has been built with CUDA 9”.