Optix on OSX with GForce 9400M GPU

Hi i’m newbie in Optix. I’m trying to install and use optix on Macbook pro (mid 2009) with Geforce 9400M. When i attempt to build/run the included samples the Xcode come up with message “OptiX Error: A supported NVIDIA GPU could not be found”. Is the above GPU supported or i overlooked something during the installation? Thank you and I apologise if this topic is irrelevant.

Optic 3.6.0, CUDA toolkit 5.5, Cg toolkit 3.1, Xcode 4.5(LLVM GCC 4.2), Cmake 2.8.8.


Your GeForce 9400M has compute capability 1.1. According to the OptiX 3.6.0 Programming Guide, you need to have a compute capability 2.0 or greater to build acceleration structures. I guess that is the reason of this error.

Could the older version of Optix solve my problem? If yes, where to download the previous versions of Optix? On the ftp server, the oldest version is 3.5.1, which also requires computing capacity 2.0 or greater.

This applies only to OptiX Prime.

Did you also try to run the precompiled samples? What about the CUDA samples that come with the CUDA toolkit?

The CUDA and Optix (precompiled) samples are only running under the CUDA toolkit 6.5, but I am unable to compile the Optix examples. The build/run stops with message:

“lib/ptx/sample1_generated_draw_color.cu.ptx, line 7; fatal : Unsupported .version 4.1; current version is ‘4.0’
[4849859], [4849859])

I thought this error is related to Optix unsupported version of CUDA toolkit (6.5). This is why I’m trying to use the setup mentioned in INSTALL-MAC.txt

Are you using CUDA 6.5 or 5.5, as you said in your first post?

CUDA 6.5 is not currently supported. Try installing CUDA 6.0 on you machine.

First i tried install the latest version of CUDA toolkit 6.5, when I realised that the this version is not supported. I was trying to run the optix with version 5.5, which is recommended in doc. After advice from you, I installed the 6.0 and after minor complications with the clang compiler, almost everything is running. Thank you.