Maxwell 860m with optix 3.5.1 and cuda 5.5.2 working?

i had started an project on my old notebook GeForce 9600M GT with optix 3.5.1 and cuda 5.5.2, but now notebook has been broken. So i got a new machine with a maxwell 860m.
now iam trying to get my project running again. i have installed the same version of optiX and CUDA. tried to run a cuda sample - working. precompiled optiX sample - not working. self builded optiX samples - not working. building works but while starting to run got optix::shared::ModuleLoadFailed error. the new machine has Nvidia optimus technologie. so i set preferred GPU to the Nvidia GPU. started Visual Studio 2012 on Nvidia GPU.

do i have to take an other version?

OptiX 3.6 is required for Maxwell architecture, have a look at Crash - No binary for GPU - GTX 750 Ti - OptiX - NVIDIA Developer Forums

thx for fast help. i will try.
do i have to make changes in projectfiles to get it running?

nice! graphicdevice does good work.
and its running.
just updated optiX. on windows older cuda toolkits are as well supported.

still have some bugs with shadows in my project.
and now buggyshadows look a bit different in the new enviroment.